Celebrating 125 Years, the 2019 OGRA Conference will focus on Past, Present, Future.

The Conference will highlight the  following streams:

Municipal Asset Management Planning

The Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure Regulation (O. Reg. 588/17) provides municipalities with the roadmap to make Ontario a world leader in infrastructure planning and stewardship. This regulation will give the province the insights is needs to see that municipalities are efficient and transparent guardians of public dollars when it comes to infrastructure investments. Three sessions will examine the state of municipal asset management planning in Ontario and look to obligations municipalities have in the near future.

Building Municipal Capacity

Municipalities face a non-stop challenge to do more with less. Municipalities receive nine cents of every dollar of tax collected but as expected to manage the lion’s share of our infrastructure and provide the services that people rely on daily. These sessions will explore how municipalities are using innovation and creative problem solution to succeed in these circumstances.

Road Network Stewardship

Roads are the most expensive asset a municipality owns and maintains. The approach to how modern road networks are managed is undergoing an unprecedented high tech revolution.  Whether it is a non-paved backroad or an ultra-modern fully-connected expressway, every road in Ontario is subject to this change. These sessions will look at how this revolution will affect local governments.

Climate Change

The Anthropocene age is here and climate change is real. Municipalities are on the frontline of any mitigation or adaptation strategy. These sessions will look at on our changing environment and the laws governing our approach to environmental management are producing challenges and opportunities for Ontario municipalities.

Changing Ontario

The results of the 2016 Government of Canada census confirmed what Ontarians already knew: namely that Ontario is changing rapidly and in way that are only beginning to be understood. These changes will have profound implications for policymakers at every level of government. In these sessions we will examine how local governments can embrace and capitalize on a population that is increasingly diverse and ageing.