Small Town Forum: The Impact of Megatrends on Rural Development in Ontario

Recent research has identified six “megatrends” and 11 specific impacts of those trends that will likely affect Ontario over the next two decades. Infrastructure, economic activity, the environment and public policy are all posed to feel the effects of this change. Too often Ontario’s discussion of the future focuses on urbanization, globalization and cities, but the impacts on rural communities and the rural economy will, if anything, be even more pronounced. By anticipating these trends, rural Ontario can deal with them realistically — both anticipating the need for mitigation and identifying the opportunities that come with disruptive change. Michael Fenn, author of two reports on megatrends, will provide an overview of the impact these trends will have on rural communities.

Chair: Paul Schoppmann, OGRA Director, Mayor, Municipality of St.-Charles

Grand Ballroom West, Lower Concourse

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM