Small Town Forum

Small Town Forum – Small Town and Rural (STAR) Multimodal Networks Guide

The new Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks Design Guide translates existing street design guidance and facility types for bicycle and pedestrian safety and comfort to the small town and rural context. The guide published by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) presents compelling photographs, visual illustrations, and technical diagrams to communicate design issues, network analyses and solutions in a small town setting. Paired with the design guidance for each facility type is a representative case study, telling the story of a small community’s success at implementing multimodal facilities in a non-urban context. Alta Planning + Design had a lead role in the creation of the Guide. This training workshop will include material from the Guide in the Canadian context. The session will be led by Alta staff, including Kate Whitfield from the Ottawa office and Kim Voros, Alta’s GIS Manager, from Seattle, Washington.