Working in Public Works Student Forum

With the grey wave hitting Ontario’s municipal sector, many employees are poised for retirement. To fill the vacancies they leave behind it is crucial to connect with younger generations to raise awareness of the type of opportunities available in the sector in the coming years. For six years, Good Roads has been holding a student focused event at its conference with the intent of promoting a career in the municipal sector to students and recent grads. This year, Good Roads will continue to focus in on the public works side of the municipal sector as those working in this field help ensure that our infrastructure doesn’t collapse, that our roads remain clear, and that our water is safe to drink.

Students will learn what to expect in a career in municipal public works, the types of skills needed for success, and why the municipal sector is appealing for the jobs of tomorrow. They will also be able to ask questions and network with other professionals in the sector at the Good Roads Conference’s opening reception.

With the amount of institutional knowledge on the verge of being lost, you can wager that Good Roads will be back with another iteration of this session next year. In fact, students and municipal professionals have demanded it.

Check back for registration details and speakers!