Monday, February 25th

11:00 AM

Municipal Asset Management Planning – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Managing Personal Liability
Enhancing Infrastructure Resiliency
Of the People – Strategies for Ensuring Representative Government
Roadway Connectivity / AV / Internet of Road Things

Tuesday, February 26th

10:45 AM

Developing an Effective Strategic Asset Management Planning Policy
Bigger Bang for A Buck – Improving Procurement After USMCA & CETA
So Long Cap and Trade, Hello Federal Backstop
Effective Public Consultation
21st Century Non-Paved Roads

2:00 PM

Establishing Levels of Service in an MAMP
Beyond Metrolinx – Creating Localized Transit in Smaller Communities
Environmentally Responsive Design – Protecting Fish, Fowl and Stream
SEDRD Project
Adapting Winter Maintenance to New Environment, New Expectations