Workshop Presentations

PDF Versions of workshop speakers Powerpoint presentations are available here. For speakers who wished to not share their presentations they will not be posted.

Sunday – Road Building Forum

The Recycled Roadway


Asset Management Planning – Affordable Levels of Service
Embracing Green/Natural Infrastructure
Local/Regional Economic Development Strategies That Work


Autonomous Vehicles: Accelerating Change
Designing and Implementing Meaningful Public Consultation Strategies
From Dial-up to 5G: Harnessing the Broadband in Rural and Northern Communities
Micromobility 101
The Road Deficit
The State of Infrastructure
Toward Net Zero Communities
Working with Neighbourhood Associations, Microbrewers and BIAs

Technical Briefing Seminars

Gravel Roads Working Group
Improving the MCEA
Say Hello to “ORIE”! Seamless Road Data Exchange Across Ontario

Shift Disturbers

Richard Steiner – Gatik

Kathleen Law – Pollinator Partnership

Doug Allport – Completing the Road Information Puzzle