Showcase Stage

NEW FOR 2022: Extra Brand Building for Exhibitors with Showcase Stage

We have extra opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their products and services through our Showcase Stage.

This is your opportunity to highlight and showcase what makes your business solution or product unique. We will set up a stage with limited auditorium style seating on the main convention floor inside the Tradeshow Hall for all to gather and watch your presentation. Think of a Speakers’ Corner type of idea.

This opportunity benefits both our vendors and attendees by calling attention to industry solutions and connecting you with the right people. These presentations must present the science and results behind the product and solution to the end user.

The Showcase Stage will be open Sunday, April 10, Monday, April 11, and Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

This opportunity is available exclusively to exhibitors of the Good Roads Tradeshow.

For more information please contact Rachel Swiednicki.

Click Here to read the terms and conditions for the Showcase Stage